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YUDU Publishing


Soon, we will be switching over to a newsletter, which readers will have to subscribe to.  Their will occasionally be posts on here, but not as often.  If I do post it will mostly be about how the magazine newsletter thing is going, and how one may subscribe.  All money made from said magazine, will go directly to March of the Blanketeers.  It will go towards our upkeep, materials, website (which eventually will have it’s own domain), and of course keeping us a non-profit (so we can keep striving to comfort sick kids).  Follow us, and keep reading, for more details and updates on when this will happen!



Volunteering opportunities with us


For those of you new to March of the Blanketeers, we are a non-profit organization accepting hand-made teddy bears, blankets, and hats made by you, for kids and premature babies in hospitals in the US.  It’s a wonderful cause, and you may join anytime!  I’m Samantha, the founder, who also runs the Headquarters (the Long Island, NY chapter).  I do all of the tax work, and all of the not so fun behind the scenes work.  I make the Thank You postcards which volunteers receive after participating in one of our opportunities.  Some volunteers, don’t even want to be thanked, they just love what they do!  I say, “That’s the spirit!  More Power to you!”  And not out of unwillingness to do what I do either, just because it’s important to have that kind of heart (at least I think so).

Anyway,  on volunteermatch.org we have listed 14 different opportunities with our organization.  I always think of more stuff, so check this blog, the website (I worked very hard on this!  It looks super awesome!), or  Volunteer Match.

We always need chapter leaders, someone who will be dedicated, diligent, and willing to take risks.  A hard-worker who is NOT on Long Island in NY (that’s where the HQ is located), is what type of person we are looking for, who has at least 10 hours a month to devote to an organization.  Remember, if you are reading this and want to start a chapter, you have to keep in contact me from the very beginning at Marchoftheblanketeers@yahoo.com

And of course, we need little tasks done, like a copy editor (someone who checks for grammatical and spelling errors in written works), someone with NEAT hand-writing who can make labels with the ribbon given and a provided fabric marker.  Which bring me to, a hand-sewer (which is yet to be put up on volunteermatch) who comes over once a week and helps me sew one labels on blankets, and attach them to the sewn bears backs.

Then, there are the basic things which keep us going, such as hand making teddy bears (any pattern, any way), blankets (even fleece, and flannel knot blankets work too!), and hats (kids, and preemies).

Working on website (CONSTANTLY!!!!!)


For those of you who have visited our organizations’ website, you know that its not that spectacular.  However, for the past THREE (very long) nights, tucked beside an energy drink, I have been sprucing it up! NEW things include:

  • An area specifically for chapter leaders, directors, and otherwise important people.  It’s password protected, so that only the aforementioned people may access it.
  • A free patterns section.  You may submit a free pattern you would like to have featured on our website if anyone would like!  Please make sure that it is tested and corrected for any errors, Thanks!

You’ll just have to check it out for more stuff every night (Eastern Time Zone, around 6:30PM).  Hope to see you soon! http://marchoftheblanketeer.wix.com/marchoftheblanketeers

First official quilted operations


Yet another post in five minutes….as you all know, I don’t post often, anyway.  A friend of the family found out on thanksgiving that he has luekemia, a blood cancer.  My first official operations as a very new organization, a teen sized quilt.  I’m using a variety of four patch designs and even a quilt pattern I came up with for an 15 inch block designed for a pre mature baby, when used with darker colors makes for a glorious design.  I used crumb block as a border segment seperating each part for a more organized look.  With me, I have ocd so everything has to have an organized feel to it.  Even my crafts.  Will post pics when done! As for now I am waiting for conmencenment to begin for my cousin who is graduating from suny plattsburgh with an honors degree in political science!