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Where did the posts go?


Hello everyone, soon we will be switching over to a better website for the blog.  This one allows HTML5, so Link Parties will be a breeze!

Please join me over at:




Hi all you readers out there!

I have added a widget to the sidebar, if you’ve noticed, where you can link-up your items for charity that you’ve made or your making.

Haven’t posted in about a month or two, but we’re back!


Hello everyone reading this,

Haven’t posted in a while, haven’t had much to say until now.  So here’s what’s been going on:

  • Georgia has a new chapter as of a couple of weeks ago.  The leaders’ name is Mechelle Dixon, she’s very nice, and founded her own organization on top of volunteering for us.  Graced Place is the name of her organization.
  • Last night (July 28, 2013) I received two bags of silken fabrics from a friend of my mothers’ who works for Duralee in Bayshore.  Now comes the sorting by color, and area of usage part. Browns, and Black with Teddy Bear Materials Bin…  the rest in uncut fabrics bin in Living Room area.
  • Going to a volunteer fair in September for MOTB.
  • Still working on the magazine… In fact I found somewhere that will publish for free!  Now how amazing is that?

Plenty has been happening lately!  Keep checking back…

Yudu Publishing possibly on the move this weekend with our mag!


Okay, so that about sums it up!  Not to count our chickens before they hatch, but we may or may not have our FIRST official CHAPTER!!!  (AGAIN!)  Third time’s a charm!  Anyway, the Magazine…  (…it’s a Friday night and I’m at a bar with Mick…it’s so loud in here, I can barely hear myself think…) ANYWAY!!!   MAGAZINE TIME!  I paid the 75 dollars (finally) for the non-profit status (through NYS), and now another $25 per page (through YUDU).  Hopefully we can get the $/page lowered, once the papers come back, from NYS, approving us!

Little Bears


Little Bears

We are Little Bears! We are from Poland, a wonderful Human lady made us! We were given to March of the Blanketeers, in the United States, so we can put smiles on sick kids faces! There are twenty of us, and we are all friends!
A very nice human lady here in the US said that we’re going to a place called Huntington Hospital.

Got the LIEBSTER AWARD on Google Plus!


Okay, so I didn’t know what this meant until I read the previous post who got it.  It’s a game!  Liebster is a German word for Darling, it’s not anything mean or nasty, nor offensive in anyway.  It’s just nice!  

So here are the Rules I feel are appropriate and acceptable, thus the ones I’m going to use:
  1. Acknowledge the person that gave you the Award and follow their blog. (see above ^_^)
  2. Answer the 11 interview-type questions from your gracious presenter. (available on their blog; see, you have to visit their blog!)
  3. Visit the blogs that received the Award along with you.
  4. Grant the Award to 10 other bloggers that are just starting or have less than 500 followers. (200 is a bit low for me and remember to send this award to someone other than the person that sent it to you)
  5. Award the “report” to each of your winners, ie: tag them somehow or post on their blog letting them know about the Award.
  6. Link back to your site so they can answer the interview-type questions you have posted for them. You can use the questions that you answered or ones that you come up with on your own but please do not ask questions that might be considered offensive; someones religious/political practices or sexual preference is not your business to ask about.
  7. Remember, this is for fun and virtual foot traffic. You are under no obligation to participate. There are no judges, no “special” rules, and no official site and/or team coming with a giant check and balloons to your doorstep. If you receive the Award you can do one of two things; Accept and pass it along or don’t.


Here’s the questions for me:

  1. Do you like to bake and cook?  I do it only when I have to.  I burn stuff too easily.
  2. Where are you from (city, state, country)? East Setauket, NY, USA
  3. Dog or cat? Both
  4. What crafts are you interested in? crocheting, knitting, cross-stitch, machine and hand-sewing, quilting
  5. Do you have children and grandchildren? nope, not yet… I’m 23!
  6. What motivated you to start blogging?  Orignally, cuz I needed a place to vent, but now years later…  I own a small business (Sam’s Crazy Crafts), and run a charity, that I need to keep traffic up on.
  7. Do you play online games of any sort? If so what kind?  MMORPG’s (Runescape)
  8. If money was no object what would you like to do?  Cure Cancer
  9. What do you want to accomplish with your blog?  Get some more volunteers
  10. Do you feel connected with DAY or NIGHT more? DAY!
  11. What about your blog, craft, and/or hobby are you most proud of and why?  I don’t know actually, I’m really never proud of myself for anything.


Questions for MY RECIPIENTS:

1.  What country, and state or province are you from?

2. Do you like to help out?  If so, where do you go to volunteer?

3. True or False? Volunteering is for the older generations

4.  Have you heard of March of the Blanketeers before?

5.  If you were a child in a hospital, and needed some comfort would you want something to cuddle up to?

6.  Are these too many questions related to us?

7.  Did you go to college?

8.  What’s your favorite craft, if any?

9.  Do you take pride in your work?

10. PC, or MAC?

11.  Does this look infected?


Have Fun!

Quilted Patchwork Bib Pattern And Tutorial


Amazingly easy and quick baby bib tutorial! Sew cute, easy to follow! Comes with two pdf files!

Sew She Sews's

* I just started a flickr group for any projects made using my tutorials.  Please feel free to stop by and post your finished or WIP! :)

*Bibs made using this pattern may be used for personal use only.  It has come to my attention that my pattern has been stolen and was being used along with my tutorial and pictures for a for profit class at a sewing shop.  Not cool.  If you want the PDF for the pattern, email me.  

1. Supplies

  • Fabric (fat quarters are plenty for this project.  You can use as many or little fabrics as you want!
  • UPDATED 9/2012 pattern.  Click bib1 and bib2 to get the PDF files.  It comes in in 2 pieces.  Be sure to select fill page instead shrink to fit when you print or you may end up with a wee bib 😉 When printed it should…

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