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Huntington Hospital Part Two!


Donated today…  They loved it!  The secretary at the desk downstairs in the lobby was talking to ,me about how there’s a lady who works part-time there and SELLS her stuff.  “They’re Hand-made!  Why are you donating?  You should be selling?”, she asked.

I replied, “Becuase the kids enjoy it, and it’s the right thing to do.”

She said, “You’re an angel.  You’re the founder of what organization?”

“March of the Blanketeers” I repeated.

“Oh, never heard of it!”

Anyway, the nurses were thrilled with the many bags, and bags, and bags, and bags (well you get the point, there was a bunch of STUFF).  They told me a story about a kid a couple of weeks ago that they gave a hat and blanket to, which the Dad wanted to see a hat for.