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Charity within a charity….


So a friend of my family has leukemia, and my mother is having a series of fundraisers for him.  Round two of chemo and round two of fundraisers, I’m now making pins to sell starting when this storm passes and I get out to the store to buy orange yarn and dpns for making wristbands with his name in it.  Ill post pics when they’re done!


Old li, ny chapter of binky patrol


Number three for today:
Before this, I ran the long island, ny chapter of binky patrol, a national organization which makes blankets only for kids and teens in hospitals and shelters across the us, note march of the blanketeers and binky patrol are two entirely seperate entities, not related in any way shape or form.  The founder of binky patrol closed my chapter because of a skype status from a while ago about valentines day on my personal page.  I’m not a bad person, just post extreme words when upset.  Anyway, got a girl scout troop yesterday afternoon asking for binky patrol.  Kinda melancholy.

First official quilted operations


Yet another post in five minutes….as you all know, I don’t post often, anyway.  A friend of the family found out on thanksgiving that he has luekemia, a blood cancer.  My first official operations as a very new organization, a teen sized quilt.  I’m using a variety of four patch designs and even a quilt pattern I came up with for an 15 inch block designed for a pre mature baby, when used with darker colors makes for a glorious design.  I used crumb block as a border segment seperating each part for a more organized look.  With me, I have ocd so everything has to have an organized feel to it.  Even my crafts.  Will post pics when done! As for now I am waiting for conmencenment to begin for my cousin who is graduating from suny plattsburgh with an honors degree in political science!

How to make a blanket and where to send it when its done!


Hello again readers,
In this post I will tell you how to make a simple fleece tied blanket.  Of course you may crochet, knit, sew and quilt blankets too!

Starting with a yard and a half of fleece or flannel, cut off the corners at a 4 inch square.  Then at every inch cut a 4 inch long fringe entirely around the blanket, then tie a knot in eacfh fringe!

Now that you’ve made your first blanket, contact march of the blanketeers at