Simple knit baby hat


I know that there are a million and one tutorials out there for how to do this, but since I have been making baby hats for hospitals longer than I have been with any charity, let alone thought about starting one of my own here’s mine…its exact too! 
Using size 9 circular knitting needles, and worsted weight yarn of your choice ( please do not use wool, as newborns may be allergic to it, and it may not be cared for correctly), Cast On 30-40 stitches. Without joining knit two rows, this will help stretch the yarn even if you knit very loosely the cast on is still the titghest part.  Knitting these two rows will also give a small decorative rigde.  Anyway, knit for 6 inch, before decreasing, then knit two together every stitch for two rounds.  On the second round do this while binding off.  It sounds complicated, but try it,k2tog,bo, k2tog,bo….
Thanks for reading and trying my tute! Send me pics via email


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