Quilts are so much fun!  I absolutely love making them!  As long as you know how to thread your machine and set up a bobbin winder you can sew given you own a machine.  If not that’s okay too!  Quilting and sewingt isn’t limited to machine sewers anyone with a needle and thread can do it too!  If you don’t believe me try it for yourself!  Anyway, I’m going to share my pattern for a 16 inch variation nine patch square.
Three colors that go good together
– color 1: 12 inches( you will need four, 3 inch squares from this)
– color 2: 40x 3 inches (you will need 4, 3x 10 inch strips)
– color 3: a 10 inch square (you can cut this or leave it be.  I prefer to cut it into 4, 5 inch squares)
Rotary cutter, mat, rotary ruler or scissors
Sewing machine and thread

Cut the fabric into the aforementioned size dimensions.
Layout the farbic with the 10 inch block in the middle, the strips along the edges of the 10 inch block and the 3 inch squares in the corners.
If you cut the 10 inch block up into 5 inch square sew it first.  Then sew ONLY two strip on opposite sides onto the 10 inch block.  Sew the 3 inch squares onto the remaining unsewn strips then sew the whole thing together.


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