From the previous organization, I had close to 90 volunteers, now not all 90 know about the change. But most do. The ones who send me stuff will know as soon as the next package comes. When that ever happens… anyway, the volunteers are just getting power back and as they get power back they see the terrible news, and the fact that in lieu of my chapter being gone I started a new org called march of the blanketeers. It should have been called march of the volunteers…lol…but blanketeers works and has historical signifigance too! Think I mentioned it already… again tangent… soooo… the people seeing the email that the chapter is closed are repling back with how can I help? Now that is the most important thing in this world. If only everyone cared. If everyone was like that we see the day that nobody died…okay so yeah I know I have a song stuck…but its a good song… Point is, old volunteers helping a new org..the end!


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