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Simple knit baby hat


I know that there are a million and one tutorials out there for how to do this, but since I have been making baby hats for hospitals longer than I have been with any charity, let alone thought about starting one of my own here’s mine…its exact too! 
Using size 9 circular knitting needles, and worsted weight yarn of your choice ( please do not use wool, as newborns may be allergic to it, and it may not be cared for correctly), Cast On 30-40 stitches. Without joining knit two rows, this will help stretch the yarn even if you knit very loosely the cast on is still the titghest part.  Knitting these two rows will also give a small decorative rigde.  Anyway, knit for 6 inch, before decreasing, then knit two together every stitch for two rounds.  On the second round do this while binding off.  It sounds complicated, but try it,k2tog,bo, k2tog,bo….
Thanks for reading and trying my tute! Send me pics via email


How to make and donate a blanket


Blankets can be knit, crochet, sewn, quilted, and even tied fleece.  Whatever your craft is, even if you’re not crafty making a blanket is simple…  The easiest way is to tie knots on fringed fleece.  Get a yard and a half of fleece and a pair of scissors.   Prepare the fleece for tying by cutting off the corners at a 4 inch square.  Then at 4 inches deep by a half inch cut fringe completely around the blanket to be.  Now for the fun part!  Tie one knot in each fringe, securing it so that the child who recieves it doesn’t rip the fringe off and choke on it.  Then contact March of the Blanketeers, to see where you can donate your newly hand made blanket at:



Quilts are so much fun!  I absolutely love making them!  As long as you know how to thread your machine and set up a bobbin winder you can sew given you own a machine.  If not that’s okay too!  Quilting and sewingt isn’t limited to machine sewers anyone with a needle and thread can do it too!  If you don’t believe me try it for yourself!  Anyway, I’m going to share my pattern for a 16 inch variation nine patch square.
Three colors that go good together
– color 1: 12 inches( you will need four, 3 inch squares from this)
– color 2: 40x 3 inches (you will need 4, 3x 10 inch strips)
– color 3: a 10 inch square (you can cut this or leave it be.  I prefer to cut it into 4, 5 inch squares)
Rotary cutter, mat, rotary ruler or scissors
Sewing machine and thread

Cut the fabric into the aforementioned size dimensions.
Layout the farbic with the 10 inch block in the middle, the strips along the edges of the 10 inch block and the 3 inch squares in the corners.
If you cut the 10 inch block up into 5 inch square sew it first.  Then sew ONLY two strip on opposite sides onto the 10 inch block.  Sew the 3 inch squares onto the remaining unsewn strips then sew the whole thing together.



From the previous organization, I had close to 90 volunteers, now not all 90 know about the change. But most do. The ones who send me stuff will know as soon as the next package comes. When that ever happens… anyway, the volunteers are just getting power back and as they get power back they see the terrible news, and the fact that in lieu of my chapter being gone I started a new org called march of the blanketeers. It should have been called march of the volunteers…lol…but blanketeers works and has historical signifigance too! Think I mentioned it already… again tangent… soooo… the people seeing the email that the chapter is closed are repling back with how can I help? Now that is the most important thing in this world. If only everyone cared. If everyone was like that we see the day that nobody died…okay so yeah I know I have a song stuck…but its a good song… Point is, old volunteers helping a new org..the end!

New york state grants


Do you know how unbelievably hard it is to get a grant for a non profit just starting out? Pretty hard? Looked everywhere! Before my chapter closed we had 700 dollars in our account. 700! That’s a lot of money for a non profit to get in grants. If only that wasn’t donated to the org. I would have money for labels and postage. Gotta keep later



Called IRS today, and now its official…I have founded a non profit organization…March of the Blanketeers.  We are a 501c non profit organization which hand makes hats, blankets and teddy bears for children, babies and teens in hospitals across america!  So excited!  Put it on my facebook too!
I have a website and a pinterest too!  Getting volunteermatch soon!