Where did the posts go?


Hello everyone, soon we will be switching over to a better website for the blog.  This one allows HTML5, so Link Parties will be a breeze!

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Hi all you readers out there!

I have added a widget to the sidebar, if you’ve noticed, where you can link-up your items for charity that you’ve made or your making.

Haven’t posted in about a month or two, but we’re back!


Hello everyone reading this,

Haven’t posted in a while, haven’t had much to say until now.  So here’s what’s been going on:

  • Georgia has a new chapter as of a couple of weeks ago.  The leaders’ name is Mechelle Dixon, she’s very nice, and founded her own organization on top of volunteering for us.  Graced Place is the name of her organization.
  • Last night (July 28, 2013) I received two bags of silken fabrics from a friend of my mothers’ who works for Duralee in Bayshore.  Now comes the sorting by color, and area of usage part. Browns, and Black with Teddy Bear Materials Bin…  the rest in uncut fabrics bin in Living Room area.
  • Going to a volunteer fair in September for MOTB.
  • Still working on the magazine… In fact I found somewhere that will publish for free!  Now how amazing is that?

Plenty has been happening lately!  Keep checking back…

Yudu Publishing possibly on the move this weekend with our mag!


Okay, so that about sums it up!  Not to count our chickens before they hatch, but we may or may not have our FIRST official CHAPTER!!!  (AGAIN!)  Third time’s a charm!  Anyway, the Magazine…  (…it’s a Friday night and I’m at a bar with Mick…it’s so loud in here, I can barely hear myself think…) ANYWAY!!!   MAGAZINE TIME!  I paid the 75 dollars (finally) for the non-profit status (through NYS), and now another $25 per page (through YUDU).  Hopefully we can get the $/page lowered, once the papers come back, from NYS, approving us!



I have a question for you guys to answer in our comments please!  The only rules:

Please DO NOT be vulgar, or rude!

Please answer using the comments system.

All answers WILL be read, and WILL be used.

 Now here’s the question:

 What would you like to see us write about on our website, and in our magazine?  


YUDU Publishing


Soon, we will be switching over to a newsletter, which readers will have to subscribe to.  Their will occasionally be posts on here, but not as often.  If I do post it will mostly be about how the magazine newsletter thing is going, and how one may subscribe.  All money made from said magazine, will go directly to March of the Blanketeers.  It will go towards our upkeep, materials, website (which eventually will have it’s own domain), and of course keeping us a non-profit (so we can keep striving to comfort sick kids).  Follow us, and keep reading, for more details and updates on when this will happen!